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It is with joy that I present my "Studio Immobiliare Marinella Coppi", a real estate agency in Chianti with a heart and a strong vocation for Exclusive Tuscan Real Estate. I love to call it a tailor-made real estate studio for those looking for a home in Chianti, or anywhere in Tuscany, or for those who have an exceptional and authentic image of their life and are looking for an area full of charm and spontaneity just like our Tuscany. This is why the whole team’s work method is based on proactive listening to the needs of each customer, because each home is like a suit that must be tailored to each specific personality. This basic vision is accompanied by a meticulous and professional work ethic carried out with care and attention to detail, as regards the technical aspects as well as the all important style nuances. At the "Studio Immobiliare Marinella Coppi" you will be welcomed by a large family of local professionals and experts, with warmth, professionalism, and maximum availability.

The House in Tuscany
Suitable for Your Lifestyle

The agency is Tuscan, because I am. I love this land, its climate and its smells, its scorching sun in summer and its mysterious mists in winter, its powerful spring that hits straight to the heart, and its autumn that warms it.

Each cottage, estate or villa represents the high point of the quality of life, combining comfort and convenience with a simple and healthy style of living. The beauty of country houses lies in their not disregarding the peasant source from which they derive, easily identifiable in the structure and composition of an arch or wall, sometimes surprisingly poetic, and in welcoming materials of different origins and shapes.

The Advantage of a
Real Estate Agency with Local Experts

Also Tuscan is its dynamic and fashionable capital equally steeped in history. Hence, every home in Florence, from the most spectacular attic to the most intimate apartment, represents a real piece of our history. In Tuscany, the hand of man has joined perfectly with nature, creating a complete and harmonious landscape, be it urban or rural. It is therefore easy to understand why I chose to open a Real Estate Company where the tailor-made solution we offer is the result of work and research, technical know-how, and passion for my territory. Of course, over time I had to keep learning, update myself, in order to gain a deep knowledge of the places and stories of my land. That's why I trust that I can consider myself a reference figure for anyone looking for "a forever home" in the Chianti hills, a pied a terre, a real estate investment in a typical Florentine neighborhood or, again, a lovely home with breathtaking views of the sea.

I am happy to welcome you to our real estate studio in Chianti where, guided by the great professionalism of all the staff, the search for your home in Tuscany will become an exciting and unforgettable experience.


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